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android app company in Kolkata 5 Apr

Things to Know When Developing Apps for Android Go Users

Android Go released alongside Android 8.1 Oreo features improvements to performance and storage. With this operating system, Android is expected to run smoothly on entry-level smartphones that have less memory, capable screen configurations and processors. If you are looking for an android app company in Kolkata who can help develop an application for Android Go, Webzemini is the perfect company. (more…)

iOS app company in Kolkata 4 Mar

Building Your iOS App? Take a Look at the 2018 Trends

Rolling out technologically advanced phones have always been Apple’s forte. If you want to take your business to the pinnacle of success, creating an iOS application for your business is a good decision and we, at Webzemini, would gladly help. But, before investing in app development, it is important to know the recent iOS app trends. (more…)

artificial intelligence 26 Feb

Find Out How Mobile App Personalization is Driven by AI

In the world of science and business, Artificial Intelligence or AI is taking precedence over everything else. A prime example of mainstream AI application is Google’s $400 million acquisition of DeepMind. (more…)

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