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ios app 12 Nov

What Benefits does iOS Have Over Android?

Are you thinking of creating an app for your business? App developers at Webzemini can certainly help. We have the experience and expertise that you need for a successful app. Our developers are proficient in building both Android and iOS apps, and it is completely normal to be confused when it comes to choosing between the two. So, our developers decided to outline a few features that make iOS better than Android. Take a look below. (more…)

android apps 10 Nov

Why Are Android Apps Preferred by Most Businesses?

Android or iOS? – this is a very common and important question when it comes to developing mobile applications. Of course, both the operating systems bring some fine qualities to the table, but small and medium-scaled businesses typically choose Android as their choice of OS. Webzemini’s app developers decided to clear the air and present their opinion as to why most businesses prefer Android apps. Here, take a look. (more…)

mobile apps development 7 Nov

AI – Revolutionizing The World of App Development

Mobile applications are advancing at an exponential rate and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is empowering his evolution with the introduction of intuitive apps in the market. (more…)

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