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mobile app development 18 Aug

Native VS Hybrid Mobile App Development – Which is Better?

Thinking of building a mobile application for your business? You might have come across various options during your preliminary research and drawn the conclusion that there are different approaches to developing an app. (more…)

mobile app development companies in india 12 Aug

What Are The Benefits of App Development with Ruby on Rails?

The craze for Ruby on Rails framework is increasing exponentially. Startups to big giant companies are leveraging this framework’s power to enhance their overall productivity. The app developers at Webzemini have listed a few advantages of this framework below so that you might want to consider this framework for your next application. (more…)

JavaScript frameworks 5 Aug

Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Mobile phone users can chat, shop, watch movies, pay bills, book online tickets and perform a variety of other activities thanks to mobile apps. Mobile applications are in great demand, but creating apps for different platforms like, Android, iOS and Windows can mean a lot of investment for businesses. We, at Webzemini, recommend cross-platform apps for businesses trying to reach users across different platforms. Cross-platform apps are developed through JavaScript frameworks and our team has explained some of the top frameworks below. (more…)

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