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According to statistics, more than 2.6 billion people in the world have access to smartphones. Smartphones have revolutionized the way human beings function and mobile apps have managed to offer a one-touch access to everything, from grocery and clothes shopping to purchasing a home and more. If you want to increase the scope of your business, building an app is an inevitable option. Here are the most popular app development trends in 2017 that you must consider.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a raging trend right now with more and more apps using this technology. App users increasingly want applications that sense their mood and accordingly function. This is where AI plays a major role.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been used for long as a promotional gimmick, but now it is being used to improve user-experience for app users. You need to create apps that can automatically detect the needs of your users and redirects them towards their requirement.

Location-based services

Almost all smartphones today come with GPS, and therefore, tracking locations is no more a problem. If you are thinking of building an app for boosting your business, partner with an app development company that can help you build an integrated location-based application. This is going to help cater to your user’s specific location.

Instant Apps

Normally, how do you use mobile applications? You have to go to Google Play store, select the app that you are looking for, click on the download option and then install it. Isn’t it a really lengthy procedure? Since your target audience is always looking for quick results, apps that run instantly without the need for downloading and installing it is going to be a huge hit.

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