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With the world increasingly becoming mobile, it is important that small to large businesses transform themselves to be in-sync with the transition. By 2017, all businesses must have a mobile apps for its users. However, if you do not have one, you need to partner with an Android app development company for a well-designed application. Make sure your app has the following features.

#Usability first

Your mobile application must feature an interface that lays emphasis on usability. This can be done by following the general hierarchy of popular applications, such as Facebook or Twitter. With a strong UI, the UX automatically gets enhanced.

#Feedback system

It is critical that you app offers users the opportunity of providing their feedback. Whether it is a link or a button to open an email, it does not matter. But, there must be a quick way to offer suggestions, report bugs, criticisms and so on.

#Keep the application simple

If this is your first app development project, you might be tempted to put in several features. But, avoid doing that. Just know the purpose that your application is going to serve and accordingly design and build it. Overdoing it or overloading too many features might lead to confusing users.

#Social media login

Since the current hype is social media, by using a single sign-in technology to allow users to sign into your app using their social media login, is going to be a winner from the start.

#Offline capabilities

Your application is going to be further appreciated if users are able to stay connected on-the-go, offline and online.
Talk to a renowned app development company, such as Webzemini, for designing and building a winning mobile application. This company has the expertise and knowledge you need for a compelling app.