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Mobile applications are advancing at an exponential rate and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is empowering his evolution with the introduction of intuitive apps in the market.

Today, users rely on mobile apps as a solution for task completion and assistance. The adaptability and learning capacity of AI is enabling businesses to meet users’ needs by creating personalized experiences for individual user. At Webzemini, our app developers continually strive to incorporate the latest technology in the app building process. We ensure that the Android or iOS apps developed by us are smart, intelligent and meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Here, look at some of the features that make an app intelligent.

  • Study the preference and user context to predict what the user needs
  • Respond proactively on the behalf of the user
  • Depend on the AI to make better decisions
  • Automate tasks
  • Predicting actions and making life easier
  • Communicating on your behalf
  • Act as a personal assistant


In essence, Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is multi-dimensional and has a range of components like, machine learning, algorithms and deep learning. The impact that AI has had on app development has been groundbreaking. Let’s see how AI has changed app development.

  • E-commerce and AI: For e-commerce businesses, personalization have become the norm. The need to offer custom-made buying experience has made AI an important part when it comes to developing shopping apps. AI is able to execute certain actions, such as searching products, predicting products and so on. AI-powered chatbots offers customers instant assistance and answers to improve user experience.
  • AI and business: AI provides unparalleled opportunity and potential to businesses across sectors, especially manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. AI smartens up the processes and enhances customer experience.
  • Home smart automation and AI: Not only e-commerce apps, but AI is making lives easier by being the backbone of automated devices that are used in homes. Home automation devices make life more comfortable, enjoyable and convenient.


Smart gadgets like, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri is capitalizing on the AI technology. If you want to do the same, talk to us at Webzemini.