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All the buzz around Google’s new OS is finally over as Android P or Android Pie has been officially rolled out. Even we, at Webzemini, were waiting with bated breath to see what would Google bring out next and truly, they have outdone themselves. Their latest OS is specifically designed to make digital life organized and calm.

At present, Android P is available on all Pixel smartphones and some exclusive flagship devices from OnePlus, Nokia, Sony and other vendors. Want to know why we’re so excited? Take a look at its features.

# Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT

Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time is supported by Android P, which allows users to track location indoors by using the GPS functionality of their device. With this, you can move from one point to the other inside a building. This feature will benefit you when you are in a mall or the airport and need to find your location.

# Slices

Thought of as one of the best features of this OS, Slices give access to users to the functionality of an app outside of the app. For instance, if you were to type Uber in Google search, an interactive pop-up will help you to quickly book a cab instead of you having to actually open the Uber app.

# Improvement of messaging app

Two new features have been introduced on the messaging front – smart reply and the ability to view image from the notification. These features have made communication easy and less time-consuming.

# Enhanced privacy

When compared to iOS, Android was always considered to be behind on security. But, Google has worked on those flaws and Android P offers heightened security. For instance, the OS restricts applications running in the background to access the mic and camera. For further security, the OS has made HTTPS default for applications.

Besides the above-mentioned, there are more features that have made our app developers extremely excited. Even your business can benefit from such features. If you wish to know more about this OS, connect with us. We will be glad to answer your questions.