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Recently, Apple released iOS 11 and all the industry honchos are talking about ARKit. Do you know what’s so special about ARKit? It enables developers to build Augmented Reality (AR) apps. Even at Webzemini, our developers are constantly raving about Apple’s new SDK as it helping them develop apps that go beyond the simple 2D camera overlays, but at the same time, it is so simple to use than other complex solutions, such as Snapchat. In terms of phone-based AR products, we feel that with ARKit, Apple is a fighting position with Google.

So, what exactly does Apple’s latest SDK do?

When we develop applications using ARKit, we are able to put 3D images into the real world with the help of visual inertial odometry. The position of a moving camera in 3 dimensions is estimated with the help of visual odometry, which is relative to its starting position.

What can ARKit be used for?

The ARKit can be used for the following:

  • It can be used to enhance individuals elements of all the existing AR apps
  • It allows developers the opportunity to scale objects excellently
  • It barely uses the CPU of a phone
  • It makes iPad and iPhone tracking capabilities available to a much wider number of developers
  • Development time is significantly cut down


Thanks to ARKit, our developers are being able to use this machine learning framework to identify objects in particular scenes. But, AR is being used differently by Apple than Google or Facebook. The advantage that Apple has is that ARKit works with iOS and that has a much less fragmented ecosystem compared to Android. So, we are able to control both the software and the hardware for all the Apple devices.

ARKit has given Webzemini’s developers opportunity to provide incredible experience to app users by creating various AR apps. In fact, there are AR features that even allow users to change their face altogether. The power of this framework is incredible and if you want to use it, get in touch. Our app developers will be glad to walk you through in detail of how this framework works.

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