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Are you at your wits end trying to manage everything of your credit society? If so, Webzemini’s multi-state cooperative society software can help. Our comprehensive and unique cooperative accounting software is specifically designed and developed for helping in the day-to-day management of cooperative societies. It makes sure a smooth functioning of operations and also helps in keeping track of the different activities.

Our software is centralized and manages various database operations online like, recurring opening a fixed or recurring deposit account, withdrawing money, calculation of maturities, loan and so on. Put simply, our software will cater to everything you need for your society to grow. The best part is that our software is designed to work seamlessly for different states in India.

Basic features of our credit co-operative society software

User-friendly: We have developed our cooperative banking software after researching and understand the present and future needs of the credit cooperative societies. Our software is easy to install and operate. We even provide a demo to our clients for deeper understanding.

Customizable: Our cooperative society management software can be fully tailored as per your specific requirements. Just tell your business needs and we will make the necessary tweaks.

Security: Our software is embedded with data encryption and other high-end security tools that provide a highly safe environment to your database. We understand that you would not want sensitive transaction-related information to get leaked, and therefore, we have taken the necessary steps to make our software fully secure.

Handle multiple branch with just a click: Since our software for cooperative society easily works for multiple states, you can handle the operations of all your branches from one central position. You can manage all the accounts, create different credit reports and share it with the management and so on.

With such robust features, Webzemini’s credit co-operative society software is a solution that you should consider adopting. If you any questions regarding our software, we are only a phone call away. We will give you a detailed lowdown of our software and also explain its specific benefits to your credit society.