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In the recent years, the mobile app development sector has grown manifold and it continues to evolve at an exponential rate. All types of business are taking advantage of apps to become more accessible to the target audience. Most native and cross-platform app that we, at Webzemini, design and develop are based on the 5 major programming language – C++, Swift, HTML5, Java and PHP. Our professional developers make use of a wide variety of tools and technology to make sure that the apps are robust and user-friendly. Some of the technologies are discussed before.

# Appcelerator

With the help of this amazing platform, we are able to easily develop native apps for tablets, mobiles and desktops using PHP, HTML and JavaScript. This development technology is the way to go when it comes to creating hardware-based applications.

# PhoneGap

This is an Adobe tool that is available for Windows, Android and iOS. It comes with a framework that wraps apps developed using HTML5 in native containers for apps that need web applications for various mobile platforms. This tool can access different hardware features that mobile has to offer and can connect them to your application using this technology.


By using this platform, we are able to create a robust open-source platform based on Ruby. With this tool, our developers create native applications for various platforms. This functional and powerful framework makes it easy to build apps for most smartphones and the need to code is only once.

# MoSync

This is a multi-software platform that is based on web programming. It offers support to other programming languages like, Python, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript.

When it comes to mobile technologies, there are various options to choose from. However, making the right choice can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, our team of developers brings years of training, experience and expertise to the table that has helped Webzemini emerge as one of the leading mobile app development companies in India. Get in touch to discuss your specific app requirements today and we will give you bespoke solutions within your budget.