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The move into the year 2018 has brought with it a series of digital marketing changes. There are new trends in the marketplace that you need to pay attention to, unless you want to fall behind your competitors. The digital marketing experts at Webzemini have curated a special list of the most noteworthy changes for you to gain insight.

AR integrated into social media

The introduction of powerful mobile devices have made it easy for Augmented Reality (AR) to be integrated into social applications. AR plays a major role in helping brands interact with their target audience better.

Growth of targeted ads

Online users already have a minimal span of attention and being bombarded by several ads throughout the day does not make them happy. This is why, ads have become singular-purposed and only attracts the interested audiences.

Live video

Facebook Live and Instagram stories have really brought life to this trend of streaming live video and vlogging. Brands from across the globe are making use of this feature to connect and impress their target audience.

UI that converses

Smart is how 2018 is being described as. Siri and Cortana first started the trend of conversational interactions and today, you will find Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and more. in the daily lives of the consumers, these chatbots are increasingly finding their place.

Content marketing

This is probably one aspect of digital marketing that still hasn’t lost its importance. However, the emphasis is more on informative blogs, blog posts with pictures or videos, write-ups aimed at snippets, interactive tutorials and so on.

So, is your digital marketing strategy updated? You can join hands with the team of Webzemini to smoothly and easily navigate the various changes that happen in the world of digital marketing.