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70% of the world’s population is using smartphones and they spend 85% of their time on mobile apps. What does this tell you? Take your business mobile! The world is getting addicted to getting everything at their fingertips. It is 2017 when shopping to booking flight tickets happen with just a click and if you do not have an application for your business, you are probably losing out on a lot of business.

Here are some more reasons to convince you why a mobile app will be really great for your business.

Connect with on-the-go customers

At present, people always seem to be on the move. The best way to connect with them is through their smartphone AKA mobile application. It is not always possible to have access to computers, but they can always access their smartphone even if they are standing in the queue, travelling or sipping coffee.

Increased accessibility

We, at Webzemini, think that to trump competition, you need to be everyone. Mobile apps are the closest that you can get to being omnipresent. Your customers will be able to connect with you anytime and anywhere.

Boost brand awareness

As your customers will always carry your business with them, it will help them to remember you. This will keep your brand at the top of your customers’ mind. Whenever they think about a product or service, they will most likely think about you.

Customer loyalty

Having a mobile app will allow your business to have more direct and instant interaction with your potential consumers. This will lead to creating a close relationship, and thus, customer loyalty. Your customers will also like the fact that they can connect with you whenever they want. Furthermore, you can study the shopping patterns and behaviors of your customers and keep improving your product offerings.

At Webzemini, we can help you design and build custom iOS or Windows, Android applications featuring superior UX. Talk to us today to discuss your ideas. Our dynamic professionals are experienced in creating applications that faithfully represent brands and reflect business objectives.