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android app company in Kolkata 24 Dec

Why is An Android Business App Profitable? Let’s Find Out!

Indie developers or large enterprises, there are several different operating systems powering mobile devices. The most powerful of them are Android and iOS platforms. At Webzemini, we are proficient in designing and developing both iOS and Android application. However, there are certain innate benefits that Android has over iOS. Take a look below. (more…)

mobile app development company 5 Dec

3 Reasons Why the iOS Platform is Best for Your Business App

In today’s technologically-advanced world, you cannot hope for your business to thrive without a business mobile application. This is where the experience and expertise of Webzemini, a mobile app development company in Kolkata, can help you achieve your digital outreach goals.

The world of mobile applications is dominated by Android and iOS platforms. However, when thinking of designing a business application, iOS platform offers certain key benefits over Android, which is: (more…)

customized software application 29 Nov

Banking Software – Seamless Operation at Your Fingertips

At Webzemini, we believe that a well-developed, customized software application can greatly benefit any type of business, especially banking institutions. Banks have to handle so many different types of transactions every day that it is impossible to manage everything manually. Not only will the costs go up, but there is no guarantee of accuracy and efficiency. However, a software application developed specifically to meet the challenging demands of the banking sector will help to streamline the banking operations. (more…)

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