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Android Go released alongside Android 8.1 Oreo features improvements to performance and storage. With this operating system, Android is expected to run smoothly on entry-level smartphones that have less memory, capable screen configurations and processors. If you are looking for an android app company in Kolkata who can help develop an application for Android Go, Webzemini is the perfect company.

When building an app for Android Go users, we basically consider the following things:

Slim down the APK:

With Android Go, the rate of installation decreases by 1% for every 6MB increase in the size of the APK. Since we understand that no one likes bulky applications that take up a lot of space, we can help you develop an app with reduced APK size.

Pay attention to the app’s memory use:

Our Android app developers understand that Android Go provides decreased RAM. This is the reason why our developers carry out thorough memory testing to ensure that our application is not taking up too much memory.

Check the app’s use of battery:

Batteries are also significantly low on Android Go devices as compared to other Android phones. So, before launching the app, we make sure that the app is not draining too much of battery.

In addition to the above-mentioned things, there are some other considerations when developing an application for Android Go users. As an experienced android app development company in Kolkata, we continuously keep ourselves updated of the latest happenings in the world of Android and its apps. Even though Android Go provides less of space, battery and memory use, the operating system is a huge success among most entry-level phones, which are gaining traction. So, talk to us today to find out how you can turn Android Go to your business’s favor.