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Mobile phone users can chat, shop, watch movies, pay bills, book online tickets and perform a variety of other activities thanks to mobile apps. Mobile applications are in great demand, but creating apps for different platforms like, Android, iOS and Windows can mean a lot of investment for businesses. We, at Webzemini, recommend cross-platform apps for businesses trying to reach users across different platforms. Cross-platform apps are developed through JavaScript frameworks and our team has explained some of the top frameworks below.

# Titanium

This is an extendable, open mobile app development environment that enables our developers to create transformative, bold and beautiful apps. The apps that we create using this framework run across mobile devices and operating systems. Its core comprises of an open source SDK with over 500 APIs and ready-to-use backend.

# PhoneGap

Developed by Adope System, this is a Cordova-based open source framework that we use to create apps that run across all operating systems. You can also use the app both online and offline. Even websites can be converted into apps using this framework.

# jQuery

jQuery is a feature-rich, fast and small JavaScript library. Thanks to its easy-to-use API, it works across various browsers and streamlines difficult tasks like, document reversal and manipulation, event handling, Ajax and animation. Using this framework, we create responsive apps that are easily accessible across devices.

# Meteor

A full-stack JavaScript framework, Meteor is used for the development of modern applications. This is an open source app development platform that enables quick prototyping. This framework gives amazing UI and our developers do not have to push themselves a lot into the development process.

# Mobile Angular UI

This framework provides us with various development components, such as overlays, switches, scrollable areas, sidebars and so on. We can help you convert your website into an app with the help of this app. This framework is completely expendable and works extremely well with other libraries.

The aforementioned are some of the JavaScript frameworks that we use. If you want to know more, talk to our experts at Webzemini.