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Apple’s brand new Operating System, iOS 11.3 was launched recently with a number of significant improvements to its existing functionality and features. This makes it imperative for businesses and app developers to keep up with the latest trends in 2018. Furthermore, any mobile app development company specializing in iOS app is aware that failure to adapt means increasingly difficulty in releasing an application on the Apple App Store.

Even though the number of Android apps is increasingly, the level of security provided by iOS apps are still unmatched, therefore, the demand for iOS apps is still high. Take a look below at some of the critical advancements.

# Swift 4 introduced by Apple

Swift is a programming language that offers support to the iOS, as well as, the Linux operating systems. Furthermore, it can be pre-compiled for tvOS and macOS. In 2018, Apple rolled out a much advanced and superior version of Swift 3, known as Swift 4. This programming language is known for its robust security and scalability. With the help of this language, app developers will be able to develop apps easily and the apps will not take up a lot of device memory.

# AR and ArKit

With the introduction of iOS 11, AR or Augmented Reality became more important than ever for mobile app developers. The launch of 11.3 shifted the focus to ArKit. Developers are now able to develop virtual reality-based, 3D mobile applications that are much more immersive and addictive.

# AI and Siri

Apple’s Siri gained a worldwide popularity ever since it was launched. With Siri, the AI or Artificial Intelligence received a major boost as the digital assistant understands what people are speaking or searching.

# Core machine learning

Core Machine Learning or Core ML is a machine learning framework developed and launched by Apple, which is very effective in tasks related to QuickType, Camera or Siri. With Core ML, developers would only have to add a few codes and enrich the security of the app.

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