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Build native or hybrid app? – This is one question that has been troubling business owners for quite some time now. We, at Webzemini, decided to clear the air and tell you exactly why hybrid applications are proving to be more lucrative than native apps in 2017.

Cost-effective – We believe that cost is one of the most important points of consideration for business owners and by keeping that in mind, hybrid applications make for the ideal choice. These apps cost much less to develop as compared to native apps since they are dependent on multiple platforms and one code. So, you do not really have to allocate a separate budget for creating Android or iOS applications. The hybrid application that we will create for you will perform across different platforms.

Updates – A great thing about hybrid apps is that you can update the application from one common platform. This means that your customers do not have to go to the app store and update the application from their end.

Superior accessibility – We can develop hybrid applications that can extensively make use of the features of the smartphone or any handheld device that the application is being downloaded to. The app can utilize the functions of the device, such as GPS, camera and so on.

Great speed and offline usage – Another great thing about hybrid applications is that fact that they can provide you with wonderful speed and also make use of offline data. This is because the application that we will create will have access of the device API to the stored data. Users will be able to save on their bandwidth usage and you will be able to collect the information required to boost your business.

If you are only holding back yourself from creating a hybrid application because it does not look and feel as its native counterpart, you can let us worry about that. At Webzemini, we make use of the latest technology, such as Onsen, Ionic and Cordovo to give your hybrid app the native feel. Call us, today!