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HR and Payroll Software

Webzemini is a recognized name in the creation of HR & Payroll Software for handling 21st century requirements, whether of startups, small businesses or large organizations. Whether you have only one employee or one thousand of them, you will find it easier to run your HR office with our software solutions.

Features of Our Payroll Software Solutions

  • Software abides by the newest payroll legislation
  • Software is accredited by SARS
  • Keeps your employee records up to date
  • Makes IRP5s and pay slips for your workers
  • Calculates statutory and tax deductions automatically
  • Designs flexible solutions to satisfy your business needs
  • Affordable payments per month
  • In case you do not want to depend on your in-house payroll management system, you can outsource your needs to us and let us handle the same. We have been into development of payroll software for small business for over 5 years now, and our developers are continuously improving their skills to offer custom software solutions to clients with the newest technologies and trends that are available. As an authorized software service provider, we guarantee the best to you.

    Features of Our HR Software Solutions

    Just like our payroll software, HR software solutions from our end come with plenty of features:
  • Centralized information – From one central spot, you can get accurate employee information.
  • Making changes from anywhere – While making any changes to any of the details, you can do everything in one spot and have the changes reflected in all spots.
  • Capturing important data fields – You can record all the essential data fields of your employee, from personal to professional details.
  • Convenience – There are tools to help you easily handle various activities such as confirmation, addition, resignations and more.
  • Fast search – The robust querying and search facilities allow you to find and update employee details fast and easily.
  • History management – You can maintain full professional history of each employee, whether status changes, promotions, incident reports or transfers.
  • When you need Online Payroll Software India services, we are one of the top agencies to consider. Our software solutions come with a set of completely integrated modules which let finance and HR teams seamlessly work together. If you are fed up with inconsistencies, confusion, rework and data duplication problems, get in touch with us and have your problems vanish with our Online Payroll Software. Give Webzemini a call today, and watch everything fall in place automatically.

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