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School Management Software

Webzemini is into the development of school software, and serves more than 200 schools at present across India and even abroad. We have been appreciated for our school software solutions, which can be accessed by administrators, parents, students and teachers. With our apps, you can bridge all communication gaps and ensure smooth everyday operations in your school.

Features of Our School Management Programs

  1. Improved branding of school as present and prospective students, parents and employees come to your school website for regular updates
  2. Use of a centralized database system for our smart school software to remove redundancy of data entry/work
  3. Control on inventories and finances with approvals and authentications
  4. Implementation of state of the art technologies such as SMS, Bar Code, Biometrics and Smart Card in order to make your school technologically up to date.
  5. User friendly dashboards complete with graphical representations, to help users obtain essential details on a single screen.
  6. Comprehensive information system, to serve as the one-stop source about information regarding your school for students, parents and workers.
  7. Affordable solution, with hosting done on cloud infrastructure of Google and avoiding the use of 3rd party hardware and software programs.

What Makes Our School Management Software Solutions Unique?

Our school software solutions differ in many ways from conventional apps of a similar nature.
  1. Convenient management – Our expert web developers use flexible and effective school management solutions in order to provide you with improved and refined resources. We have developed our system on PHP language, which helps add to your overall user experience. The software has a structured and simple system, which makes data access and control easier for users.
  2. Mobile school – Our School Management Software has been designed to be smart phone friendly, and allows admin to see and edit school information at anytime on phones that run on Android, iOS or Windows platforms.
  3. 24/7 school management – We have customer service personnel available on a 24/7 basis, to hear out your problems and get them resolved fast. It is easy to have your technical or other problems regarding our School Management System managed and made easier.

Whether you need help with marketing, fundraising or online class registration, Webzemini’s school management apps can help you to run your school smoothly and efficiently. This is a comprehensive management system which does not leave anything out, and takes care of all the necessary operations at minimum cost.

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